General Question, Concern or Complaint Form

If you have a behavioral or safety concern for yourself or a student at A-State, complete the Pack Support Behavioral Safety Concern Form.
If this is an emergency, please call the University Police Department at 870-972-2093.
Arkansas State University maintains a systemic approach to questions, concerns, and student complaints, which are handled by multiple processes and departments.
Once this form is submitted, an automatic email is generated to a faculty or staff representative of Arkansas State University who can best address your question, concern, or complaint given the information you have provided, and they will follow up with you for resolution.
This email is attended from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. If you have any questions or if new information or concerns arise, please reach out to

Please list any university departments, units, or parties involved in your question, concern, or complaint, if any. If you’re uncertain, please state this below.

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Please provide a detailed summary of your question, concern, or complaint, including any steps that you have already taken to attempt to resolve it, including dates. This would include listing any A-State staff or faculty member with whom you’ve spoken. At the bottom of this form you’ll be given an opportunity to attach any relevant documents.

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Please clarify in a brief statement what you're hoping to achieve through this process.

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Photos, video, copies of emails, and other supporting documents may be attached here.

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